Picture Gallery Showing a Painful Ass Stretching!

Picture Gallery Showing a Painful Ass Stretching

Vicious Punch Fucking Movie Gallery!

Vicious Punch Fucking Movie Gallery

Picture Gallery Showing a Vicious Ass Stretching!

Picture Gallery Showing a Vicious Ass Stretching

Intense Fist Fucking Movie Gallery!

Intense Fist Fucking Movie Gallery

Free Fisting Movie!

Arm of One - Scene 3b
The conclusion of this Army dude fisting frenzy is hot handballing at its horniest and features bad ass and foulmouthed Trey Casteel, Ricky Sinz and Mason Garet. These men excel at the heavy ass play and make the best use of an army jeep I have seen in years.


Unyielding Punch Fucking Movie Gallery!

Unyielding Punch Fucking Movie Gallery

A Dearth Of Irony!

After spending far too long drying out my fur from a shower, I sat down with a cup of decaffeinated hot chocolate and began reviewing my email. The Embassy mailing lists were unsurprisingly quiet. Despite the usual upheavals in the world the introduction of the Feed the Stars program had put a serious dent in the most common cause of inter-tribal warfare in both Africa and Asia. When Humans have enough food they tend to be lazy. The industrious by nature put their energy into entertaining their neighbors rather than finding new ways of murdering them. I noticed a new fusion-powered water desalinization plant was being protested by "environmentalists" who decried the slight increase in local salt density, claiming it would kill fish.

People who hate their own species that much shouldn't be allowed to reproduce. It's a negative meme.

Savage Fisting Movie Gallery!

Savage Fisting Movie Gallery

Picture Gallery Showing a Painful Fist Fucking!

Picture Gallery Showing a Painful Fist Fucking

Explicit Punch Fucking Movie Gallery!

Explicit Punch Fucking Movie Gallery

On His Bathhouse Pass!

Wayne is, I'm sure, exactly the type of person that the bathhouse was hopeing for when they gave away the 8 Hour Free Pass, as one the door prizes at the Gay Pride Festival. Wayne just happens to be one of those "pretty boys" that any bathhouse would love to have hanging around. Age 23, 5'11", 185 pounds, 44 inch chest, 32 inch waist, short dark brown flat top, a bubble butt made of stone, that anybody in their right mind would love to fuck, and a very respectably long and thick dick. Wayne is on the phone telling his sex buddy Mike all about his visit, on his bathhouse pass.

"Mike, I had never been in a bathhouse before, and when I won that pass I really wasn't sure if I wanted too use it or give it to somebody else. Mike, I am so damn glad I did use it! Everybody there on the staff was great to me. I guess they could all tell that I had never done the bathhouse thing before, and they all really took me by the arm, so to say, and really made it a great day, well actually a great night, for me." "I had already been told that to go in either really late in the day, like maybe 11:00 or so, or on the week-end. This is the best time to go, since that is when they are busier and there are more guys there." "When I went in, I, of course, was nervous and kind of scared since I had never done this kind of thing before. I handed the guy at the counter my pass and he immediately called me by name. I guess they had all been told that when that door prize pass came in, that I was the winner. So, anyway he immediately asked me if I had ever been there before and I, of course, told him,-- No. He then said that he would get someone to show me around."

Free Fisting Movie!

Arm of One - Scene 2 Part B
Here is the conclusion to bad ass soldiers Aaron Summers and Billy Berlin on base, hardcore ass play! Craving more, Billy takes on our biggest man-rammer dildo. But even that doesn't satisfy Billy. So Aaron grabs one of our loaded machine guns and stuffs it right up Billy's hole! The cold metal mouth of the gun shocks Billy's prostate into convulsions and he blows his molten load!


Stud Twinks!

My divorce was final. My ex had moved to the East Coast with her new lover and somehow had managed to take our teenage son with her. I was still dazed and confused how the court had made that happen. He was at the age, I thought, where he needed a father more than a mother. The house was being sold and I was moving into a two-story place on Elm Street. It was too big for one but I was reasonably sure, and hopeful, that Travis would be moving back with me late in the summer to go to school for his senior year and if he did I needed a place for us besides the little cramped apartment that I'd moved into when my wife and I split up.

Elm Street is where I made the acquaintance of the Hart twins, Darin and David. I met them the day I moved in. They made themselves known to me. The two I watched coming across the street were not the same when they got up close. They were wearing ragged cut-off jeans and T-shirts whacked off about up to their pecs, revealing abs that looked like stacks of bricks and thighs that could move a tank, their muscular bodies belying their youthful, innocent looks that I saw when they were up close.

Extreme Ass Stretching Movie Gallery!

Extreme Ass Stretching Movie Gallery

Two Boys!

James is five foot nine. He has blond hair, blue eyes, and 155 pounds of muscle. His arms bulge, his stomach is tight and defined. His chest is well formed and his nipples stick out from his well-defined chest plates. He is completely smooth. There's not a hair on him from his neck down. He shaves himself carefully every day. His cock, an eight-inch tool, is thick and cut with a wide hole at the tip of the broad head. His nuts hang low and sway as he walks. He is nineteen years old.

Peter is much the same as James, but with dark brown hair and green fiery eyes. He has the same smooth body, the same big cock, and the same low-hanging nuts. He believes himself to be older and wiser though, after all, he's twenty.

James is mine. I keep him. Keep him well. I have been away from home though. I've been gone six weeks and I won't be back for another three. My boy is lonely, and needs attention. That's why he's asked Peter to come play with him. What neither boy knows though, is that the room they are about to play in has eyes and ears--my eyes and ears. There are video cameras and microphones covering the whole room.

Uncompromising Ass Fisting Movie Gallery!

Uncompromising Ass Fisting Movie Gallery

Picture Gallery Showing a Perverse Fist Fucking!

Picture Gallery Showing a Perverse Fist Fucking

Fierce Fisting Movie Gallery!

Fierce Fisting Movie Gallery

Free Fisting Movie!

Hand It Over - Scene 3 Part 1
Fisting Central superstar Mason Garet, coated in shiny latex zippered tank and shorts, writhes and shivers beneath Aaron Hammer's demanding slaps and probing tongue. Aaron laps up all the sweat that pours out from between Mason's ass cheeks once freed by the pull of the zipper. After that tasty appetizer, Aaron wants more! And more he gets...  


Beastly Ass Stretching Movie Gallery!

Beastly Ass Stretching Movie Gallery