Savage Ass Stretching Movie Gallery!

Savage Ass Stretching Movie Gallery

Picture Gallery Showing a Merciless Ass Stretching!

Picture Gallery Showing a Merciless Ass Stretching

Pitiless Handballing Movie Gallery!

Pitiless Handballing Movie Gallery

Unexpected Four!

It was finally Friday! Not only the end of the week, but the beginning of a much needed two-week leave from work as well. The Captain and First Sargent had been real assholes all week. It was time to take off and get off for Tom, a Navy corpsman assigned to a Marine unit in Northern California. The first order of business would be to log-in to San Francisco's Kinky Computer and see if his messages had brought him any responses.

Bingo! There was a private message from Jimmy. They'd been talking about getting together on Tom's last leave, but it hadn't worked out. Now here was a message from Jimmy telling him to leave his home phone number so that Jimmy could call and make arrangements for a get-together! Tom left the information and then browsed around the board, hoping for some more action. There was one hot story, so Tom downloaded it. He'd read it later, his heart wasn't in it now, all he could think about was Jimmy's call. As soon as the story was on his local drive, Tom cut the connection.

Great Ass Stretching Movie Gallery!

Great Ass Stretching Movie Gallery

Free Fisting Movie!

Manholes - Scene 6
Eric Michaels in his boots, black leather jock framing his square ass and arm bands pairs up with the well-inked Bobby Black for what seems like an hour of fist-ass punching. Both are men really get into it here, in a performance that will leave you gasping.


Beastly Fist Fucking Movie Gallery!

Beastly Fist Fucking Movie Gallery

Dildo Action!

I was in my early thirties at the time of this story. It was a warm summer evening, and I had gotten off work with a profound sense of boredom. I hadn't much to do at home; at least much that I wanted to do, and all I could think about was sex. I wanted to get fucked in the worst way, and turned on my computer to look at some porn.

While I often look at porn online, I rarely had ever met anyone there, at least not at that point in my life, and so it was with a hearty dose of skepticism that I logged into my favorite gay site and entered the chat room. At first there wasn't a lot of people in there, but after about half an hour a few guys came in.

There was the usual assortment of fake profiles in there, those inexplicable come-ons with pictures far, far too good to be true, or even believable. Among the others was one that caught my eye, from an older guy, 45, who was into dildos and had quite a collection. He was looking for someone younger to use them on, and as I read his profile my heart started to thump.

Pitiless Handballing Movie Gallery!

Pitiless Handballing Movie Gallery

Anal Obsession!

Almost everyone in Sydney had slept, except some people who worked during the night shift. One of them was Rick. Using his flashlight, Rick was patrolling around the mall. As a security guard, that white man was paid to watch over the mall where he worked at. The watch on his hand pointed out that it was nearly 1 AM in the morning. Yawning, Rick started to get bored. The sounds of his boot steps echoed through the mall. Even his breath could be heard clearly. Stopping in front of a fashion store, Rick found himself staring at a mirror in that store. For some minutes, he just stood there and admired himself. Rick liked seeing himself in his security uniform; he looked very manly. Flashing his body, Rick saw how handsome he was in that white uniform. Uncomfortably, he was pulling at the collar. His neck had been bathing in steady stream of sweat. In fact, his uniform was soaked with sweat. Since the air conditioner was turned off, the temperature in the mall rose up. Hurriedly, the 30-year-old security guard unbuttoned his uniform. One by one, the buttons were undone. Hanging open, the shirt revealed a sweaty sexy chest.

Strenuous Fisting Movie Gallery!

Strenuous Fisting Movie Gallery

Picture Gallery Showing a Tough Handballing!

Picture Gallery Showing a Tough Handballing

Free Fisting Movie!

Veteran stars Mason Garet and Taurus Dean light up the screen in this fisting party. First Taurus takes Masons ass with his cock, but fucking is just a prelude to the real action. Taurus wets his gloves and dives right in. Mason opens up easily and takes Taurus's fist with a groan. Taurus does double duty using first one hand and then the other, swimming in Mason's ass.


The Final Step!

I was 19 years old and I had been actively gay for over a year, having lost my cherry to a large black guy in a booth at an adult movie theater. He was also the first cock to ever enter my mouth.

I will never forget that day as I sat almost mesmerized as the big black shaft slid through the hole in the side of the booth. I had been there several times that month and each time a guy poked his cock through the opening I had lost my nerve and promptly left the booth. I had thought long and hard about it and this time I had made up my mind to go through with it. This was the largest cock I had encountered and as I slowly leaned toward the shiny, cum- slicked head I knew it would be a good mouthful.

I wasn't sure how I would react to the first taste of cum although I had tasted my own a few times. I never realized how much it took to get a 8 inch cock into your mouth as my lips stretched wide to accommodate his girth. It quickly took up all the space in my widely-stretched virgin mouth and I felt him flinch as my teeth contacted the delicate skin of his large truncheon. For those of you who have sucked cock you will totally understand the feeling that engulfed me as I felt my mouth filled with that firm yet flexible sweet shaft.

Great Handballing Movie Gallery!

Great Handballing Movie Gallery

Picture Gallery Showing a Hard Handballing!

Picture Gallery Showing a Hard Handballing

Grim Fist Fucking Movie Gallery!

Grim Fist Fucking Movie Gallery

New York Weekend!

I hadn't been in NYC in awhile and most of my fuckbuddies weren't around. My ass needed to be abused in a serious way, so I jumped onto a local hook up site. At first I didn't seem to connect with anyone and thought I was going to spend the night at the West Side Club. But at about 10:30, I got a response. This guy (Allan) was looking for other `pig players'. I e-mailed him that I was up for some pig play and he sent me his cell-phone number.

We spoke a little bit and checked each other out. I told him what I was into -- mutual ass play leading to fisting. He said he could get into it, if he had a little tina. I told him that I didn't have any but was willing to chip in if he scored. He told me that he'd get back to me in a little while.

A half hour passed and I didn't hear from him so I thought that he'd blown me off. I started getting ready to go to the West Side club and decided to check me e-mail one last time. He had gotten back to me.

Grim Fisting Movie Gallery!

Grim Fisting Movie Gallery

Free Fisting Movie!

Fist Fuck - Scene 4
Aaron Summers joins Mason Garet for a fist fuck. Mason and Aaron go at it, passionately kissing and sucking up and down each other's muscular body. Mason starts with two fingers but is soon filling Aaron with his entire fist. With the J-lube dripping, Mason plows his way into Aaron. But Mason wants a turn too, and bends over for Aaron to happily invade his hole.