Picture Gallery Showing a Hardcore Ass Fisting!

Picture Gallery Showing a Hardcore Ass Fisting

Remorseless Ass Stretching Movie Gallery!

Remorseless Ass Stretching Movie Gallery

Beach Boys!

Marty was 22, and he'd been in a very heavy sexual relationship for four years. His partner, Peter, was great - heavy-cocked, and a long stayer when it came to sex, but they'd split up recently because Peter had wanted him to stop playing the gay scene - which Marty loved - and that was when Marty decided that he had to get away from the city.

He threw some things into a case and then stuck a pin in a map, which wasn't a very wise thing to do....which is why he now found himself in a small seaboard town a mere 100 miles from the city he'd just left.

The beach house he'd rented was the only building on this small stretch of coastline; the town itself being a short drive away, so he'd also rented himself a small car to get around and take in some scenery.

That morning, he decided to get up early and wash the car, which was already showing severe evidence of being parked near the beach, so he flung on an old pair of cut-offs, dropped a sponge into a bucket filled with slightly unhealthy-looking water, and set to work.

Violent Fist Fucking Movie Gallery!

Violent Fist Fucking Movie Gallery

Picture Gallery Showing a Nasty Ass Stretching!

Picture Gallery Showing a Nasty Ass Stretching

Ferocious Ass Stretching Movie Gallery!

Ferocious Ass Stretching Movie Gallery

Free Fisting Movie!

ManCaves - Scene 5
Billy Ryder's plunging fists plow deep and wide into Michael Johns, who takes both Billy's able hands. Michael's ass lips swell, hang open and invite more deep, penetrating exploration. Certainly there's room for two. Marc LaSalle steps in and both Marc and Billy settle in to Michael's well-appointed ManCave.


Fierce Fist Fucking Movie Gallery!

Fierce Fist Fucking Movie Gallery

Stud Twinks!

My divorce was final. My ex had moved to the East Coast with her new lover and somehow had managed to take our teenage son with her. I was still dazed and confused how the court had made that happen. He was at the age, I thought, where he needed a father more than a mother. The house was being sold and I was moving into a two-story place on Elm Street. It was too big for one but I was reasonably sure, and hopeful, that Travis would be moving back with me late in the summer to go to school for his senior year and if he did I needed a place for us besides the little cramped apartment that I'd moved into when my wife and I split up.

Elm Street is where I made the acquaintance of the Hart twins, Darin and David. I met them the day I moved in. They made themselves known to me. The two I watched coming across the street were not the same when they got up close. They were wearing ragged cut-off jeans and T-shirts whacked off about up to their pecs, revealing abs that looked like stacks of bricks and thighs that could move a tank, their muscular bodies belying their youthful, innocent looks that I saw when they were up close.

Harsh Fist Fucking Movie Gallery!

Harsh Fist Fucking Movie Gallery

The Final Step!

I was 19 years old and I had been actively gay for over a year, having lost my cherry to a large black guy in a booth at an adult movie theater. He was also the first cock to ever enter my mouth.

I will never forget that day as I sat almost mesmerized as the big black shaft slid through the hole in the side of the booth. I had been there several times that month and each time a guy poked his cock through the opening I had lost my nerve and promptly left the booth. I had thought long and hard about it and this time I had made up my mind to go through with it. This was the largest cock I had encountered and as I slowly leaned toward the shiny, cum- slicked head I knew it would be a good mouthful.

I wasn't sure how I would react to the first taste of cum although I had tasted my own a few times. I never realized how much it took to get a 8 inch cock into your mouth as my lips stretched wide to accommodate his girth. It quickly took up all the space in my widely-stretched virgin mouth and I felt him flinch as my teeth contacted the delicate skin of his large truncheon. For those of you who have sucked cock you will totally understand the feeling that engulfed me as I felt my mouth filled with that firm yet flexible sweet shaft.

Unyielding Fist Fucking Movie Gallery!

Unyielding Fist Fucking Movie Gallery

Going To Church!

The night was warm and the hour was late. My mind was wandering and thinking about cocks and hands being shoved up my hungry ass. I began fingering my hole and had worked in three fingers when I pictured myself being fisted by a large, hairy man inside the abandon church down the street.

The more I fantasized about it, the further my hand worked into my ass, until I felt my whole hand slide up my own ass. I played with my ass for a while, but it wasn't enough. I knew that what I really needed was to have another man's hand where mine was now; buried deep. I slid my hand out and headed for the nearest Leather/Levi bar.

As soon as I walked in I spotted the man of my fantasy--big, tall, dark, and hairy. By the way it looked he had a good chunk of meat stashed between those powerful-looking thighs too. I ordered a beer and stalked the bar for a little while, but he was the one.

Free Fisting Movie!

Hand It Over - Scene 3 Part 1
Fisting Central superstar Mason Garet, coated in shiny latex zippered tank and shorts, writhes and shivers beneath Aaron Hammer's demanding slaps and probing tongue. Aaron laps up all the sweat that pours out from between Mason's ass cheeks once freed by the pull of the zipper. After that tasty appetizer, Aaron wants more! And more he gets...  


Picture Gallery Showing a Hard Punch Fucking!

Picture Gallery Showing a Hard Punch Fucking

Deep Punch Fucking Movie Gallery!

Deep Punch Fucking Movie Gallery

Picture Gallery Showing a Pitiless Fist Fucking!

Picture Gallery Showing a Pitiless Fist Fucking

Severe Fist Fucking Movie Gallery!

Severe Fist Fucking Movie Gallery

Picture Gallery Showing a Sadistic Fist Fucking!

Picture Gallery Showing a Sadistic Fist Fucking

Uncompromising Ass Fisting Movie Gallery!

Uncompromising Ass Fisting Movie Gallery