Unexpected Four!

It was finally Friday! Not only the end of the week, but the beginning of a much needed two-week leave from work as well. The Captain and First Sargent had been real assholes all week. It was time to take off and get off for Tom, a Navy corpsman assigned to a Marine unit in Northern California. The first order of business would be to log-in to San Francisco's Kinky Computer and see if his messages had brought him any responses.

Bingo! There was a private message from Jimmy. They'd been talking about getting together on Tom's last leave, but it hadn't worked out. Now here was a message from Jimmy telling him to leave his home phone number so that Jimmy could call and make arrangements for a get-together! Tom left the information and then browsed around the board, hoping for some more action. There was one hot story, so Tom downloaded it. He'd read it later, his heart wasn't in it now, all he could think about was Jimmy's call. As soon as the story was on his local drive, Tom cut the connection.

Later that night, Tom's phone rang. It was Jimmy. He wanted Tom to come into the city and meet him at the Eagle--4 o'clock, tomorrow afternoon. They talked awhile longer and hung up, both awaiting their meeting the next day. Tom realized that he had a lot to do tomorrow before the two-hour drive into San Francisco. There were lots of errands to do around the house and around town before 4 o'clock tomorrow. He wanted to look and feel his best, so he decided to hit the sack early.

Tom was in the Navy, a lifer, but the Marines kept him in great shape. He exercised daily, maintained a low profile at work, and weekends were made for sex. He was a Leatherman Slave and loved to play handball.

Jimmy was a student at the University of California, Berkeley. He was a Computer Science major. His lean, 24 year-old body was hot. His hazel eyes complimented his brown hair and tight physique.

He became interested in Tom through a message Tom left on the computer bulletin board. Tom was looking for a few good men to play handball. Jimmy read the message and was immediately hooked on the fantasy of playing handball with Tom. Shit! It was going to happen this weekend!

Saturday's errands were history. Tom was driving along the freeway heading towards San Francisco. He had already called Jimmy and told him to be at the corner of 8th and Howard at four.

The drive was long and hot. His stereo, cranked to full volume, was barely enough to make the trip tolerable. Soon enough, though, Tom found himself crossing the Bay Bridge. The cooler temperature was a welcome relief after the blistering temperatures all day. Tom knew the San Francisco streets fairly well, and was soon parked at the corner of Eighth and Howard.

Right on time, Jimmy appeared and after the usual preliminary greetings and gestures Jimmy got in the car and the two drove off to the Eagle. It was 4:30 and the bar was crowded. Jimmy ordered a couple of beers and they sat by the wall near the steps that led up to the back room. The smell of men, leather, and beer permeated the place. A lot of energy was being felt by everyone in the bar.

No one was in the back room. The well used sling hung empty. It was easy for Tom and Jimmy to fantasize what went on there. Naked men, hanging in the sling, their assholes open to assaults by cock and fists.

Jimmy noticed that it was going on 5:30 and they finished their beers. Jimmy asked Tom to take him out to get a few things that he'd forgotten. As they drove around the city, Tom could see the excitement in Jimmy's eyes. Good! Jimmy gave directions and soon they were at their destination. Jimmy got out and was gone only a moment. When he returned he carried a small duffel bag. Jimmy told Tom to head back to 8th and Howard.

They soon arrived at the Club San Francisco. The attendant recognized Tom and Jimmy at the same time and they made some small talk. Finally, he motioned them to come on in. Once inside the attendant handed Jimmy the key to a room upstairs. The air inside reeked of cigarettes, steam, poppers, and sex. The loud music drowned out all other sounds. Room doors were open showing one up-turned ass after another. The store was open, selling lube, poppers, and toys. Porn films were being shown in the small theater. Soon they found the room and Jimmy opened it.

Jimmy told Tom to go in and get undressed and showered. He would join him in a few minutes. Jimmy explained that he had a locker downstairs and was going to get a few things. He dropped off his duffel bag and left.

Tom went inside and noticed a sling and mirrors. He realized that this was going to be quite a night. He quickly undressed and went downstairs to shower and douche.

When he returned to the room, Jimmy was inside waiting for him. Jimmy opened the duffel he'd brought and took out a small bag of dope and rolled a couple of joints. Tom lit one and took a heavy drag and passed the joint to Jimmy. They smoked for a while and then Jimmy took a bottle of poppers and told Tom to take a hit. Tom inhaled deeply. His eyes glazed over. Jimmy took a hit of the poppers, gave the joint to Jimmy, and told him to get his ass in the sling.

Jimmy was hard as a rock. His nine-inch cock was pulsing, screaming that it needed relief. Tom stroked himself but Jimmy told him to stop. He told Tom that his cock would be taken care of. Jimmy reached into the duffel bag and took out a can of lube and some gloves. He gave Tom a popper inhaler. Tom took another long hit. Before he finished he felt his asshole being penetrated. Jimmy had applied some lube to his fingers and was feeling Tom's asshole. It was ready to be fucked.

Jimmy took his cock head and placed it against Tom's waiting hole. As Tom took another hit of the poppers he felt all nine inches of Jimmy's cock plunge into his gut. The combination of pot and poppers made the experience all the more sensational. Jimmy fucked Tom's asshole as it had never been fucked before. Jimmy could feel Tom become more relaxed and he started to fuck the ass with more intensity. Tom knew he couldn't go on like that for very long so he pulled his cock out. He reached for more lube and smeared it all over Tom's ass, then he greased his hand and forearm.

Tom took a long hit on the poppers and grabbed his cock. Jimmy told him to stop. Tom then felt two fingers probe his asshole, then it was three, then four. He felt the hole stretch to accommodate the width of Jimmy's fist. More poppers and Jimmy's fist slid into Tom's asshole. Jimmy stopped for a moment to let Tom adjust to the sensation of the hand inside his ass.

When Tom thought he was ready he took another hit on the poppers and Jimmy began a slow fucking motion. Jimmy began to slide his hand in and out of the ass with a slow fucking motion. The hole responded--eating Jimmy's hand. Jimmy could fuck it faster and faster. In and out. Jimmy was fucking Tom's ass with his entire hand in one motion. Tom took another hit on the poppers and Jimmy started a deeper fucking. More and more of his arm was disappearing inside Tom's ass. More fucking, more poppers, more arm.

Tom could only take about half of Jimmy's forearm. Still, the sensations he was feeling were unlike any that he had ever experienced before. He had been playing handball for nearly two years but this was the best. Jimmy was working his ass like there was no tomorrow.

Jimmy took his hand out and put more lube on Tom's ass and his hand. He reached for his cock, took it in his hand, and started to slide both up Tom's ass. Jimmy motioned Tom to start jacking off. Tom began to stroke his rock-solid cock as Jimmy jacked himself off inside the tight hole. Then came a knock on the door. Jimmy explained that he had invited some friends to play. He reached around and opened the door, barely missing a stroke with his hand and his cock in Tom's asshole. In came two young men, neither could have been twenty-one. They were both well built and every inch of them was hard as rock. Jimmy introduced Tom to Scott and Ben. Tom couldn't have cared less about the pleasantries.

Soon, Tom felt a hand grab his cock and two more hands probing his asshole while Jimmy was still jacking off inside him! This was too much for Tom and he took another hit of poppers. Scott offered Tom some crystal, explaining that this could help Tom relax even more. They all stopped while Scott prepared a hit of the drug for Tom. Tom inhaled deeply. After Tom they all took turns taking a hit of the powerful white powder. Tom began to feel the effects of the drug and positioned himself back in the sling. Ben and Scott both lubed his ass and their hands.

Scott slid his hand in first and then took it out as Ben slid his in. They switched like that for a while before placing their hands in a praying position and starting to enter Tom's ass together. Tom took a deep breath of poppers and felt more and more of the two hands entering his ass. His ass was stretching wider and wider. The sensation was both pleasure and pain as the two hands entered his ass. With a final push and a groan from Tom both hands shoved inside Tom's ass. More poppers and they slowly withdrew.

Jimmy was now standing over Tom with his cock inches from Tom's mouth. A hand entered Tom's ass and another grabbed his cock. Scott was fucking Tom with his hand and more and more was going in. Tom felt more and more of Scott's arm cruising up his asshole. He could see in the mirror that Scott had half his forearm inside and was slowly inching in more. Scott would withdraw a little and then push in twice as far. Tom was taking more than he had ever taken before and was loving every bit of it.

After Scott withdrew he took both of his hands and pushed them up Tom's ass. He could only get them halfway in so he fucked Tom with a frenzy with his one hand while playing with Tom's tits with his other. Scott was fucking Ben in the ass and Jimmy was fucking Tom in the mouth. This went on for awhile when Jimmy motioned for Ben to take his place. Ben moved to straddle Tom's face and pushed his fat cock into Tom's mouth. Jimmy greased his hands and Scott offered Tom some fresh poppers.

Jimmy first pushed one hand deep inside of Tom, withdrew it, and then shoved his other hand inside. He switched between them faster and faster and before Tom realized it, Jimmy had both of his hands inside of Tom's ass and was fucking it wildly. More poppers and Jimmy took both hands out and shoved his cock inside the ass.

Tom felt the strange sensation as the hot cock entered his abused asshole. Jimmy fucked him hard before taking his cock out and slowly pushing a hand inside of Tom. Tom took a another hit of poppers and more of Jimmy's arm slid deep inside of Tom... deeper and deeper.

Soon Jimmy had his entire forearm buried deep inside of Tom's hot asshole. Tom took some more poppers while Ben fucked his mouth and Scott stroked his cock. Jimmy began a slow fucking motion with his entire arm. The sensation was incredible for Tom. A giant arm was fucking his ass, a cock was sliding in and out of his throat, and his cock was being stroked by an expert hand.

Jimmy hastened his pace and fucked Tom faster and faster. Scott took Tom's cock in his mouth. Tom knew he couldn't last much longer. Ben began to moan and Tom soon felt the hot torrents of cum gushing into his mouth. Jimmy was fucking him like a locomotive and the arm was being swallowed by Tom's ass. Scott was sucking on Tom when Jimmy took his arm out. Tom began to moan. Scott could taste the pre-cum. Ben gave Tom a hit of fresh poppers and Jimmy plunged the entire fist and forearm up Tom's ass in one long stroke.

With this, Tom began bucking like a wild animal. Jimmy fucked the arm in and out of his ass and Scott sucked the hot cum right out of Tom's cock. Ben shoved his cock into Tom's mouth and Jimmy fucked Tom's ass with abandon. He had replaced the entire forearm with his hand and his cock. Jimmy was moaning and Tom could feel Jimmy's burning hot cum spray his asshole.

After collapsing and resting for a while Scott and Ben asked if they could use the sling. Tom and Jimmy agreed they needed a rest so they went off to the shower and hot tub and absorbed the sensual, hot sounds surrounding them.